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Located right off the main square of the historical colonial city of Granada, La Gran Francia is a splendid ancestral building whose existence historians argue dates back to the years immediately following the founding of Granada, in 1524.

This architectural jewel was restored during the decade of the 1990's, recovering the majesty and splendor of its heyday and today housing Granada's finest hotel. La Gran Francia today houses our restaurant , El Arcángel, our banquet hall, Salón Pablo Antonio Cuadra and Bristol Coffee House.

La Gran Francia Hotel offers its guests a total of 35 air-conditioned rooms, with all modern comforts and amenities, located in two distinct and centric settings: Los Balcones by La Gran Francia and ROUGE by La Gran Francia.

At Hotel La Gran Francia, you will be able to enjoy the best of Nicaraguan hospitality and the rustic elegance of colonial Granada.

La Gran Francia

Our Location

Los Balcones

Esquina Sureste del Parque Central

De la Esquina Sureste del Parque Central, 150 m. al Lago

Granada, Nicaragua Tels: ++2552-6000 / 2552-6001